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Trading Indicators and Signals

Trading indicators and signals are indispensable service provided by Gravity Market.

Gravity Market allows the maximum efficiency by offering the creation of customized indicators and trading signals developed by Gravity Market traders. The indicators are useful for financial market analysis by measuring the speed and quality of price movement. Trading signals represent opportunities in the financial markets, detected by client screeners or by Gravity Market screeners.

Gravity Market's trading indicators and signals are tools that promote simplicity in understanding and tracing market flows.

Indicators and signals are available to customer service by downloading. The trading signals are accessible to the general public.

Creation of Customized Trading Algorithms

Through its artificial intelligence competence, Gravity Market offers you the creation of trading algorithms in line with your investment strategies. From the perspective of quality and independence of personalized creation, Gravity Market offers you access to trading algorithms developed by its traders.

Each strategy is tested by its back-testing tool because Gravity Market makes risk control as its main objective.

The application of algorithms generates a serene atmosphere for your actions on the financial markets. Indeed, the automation of orders on the financial markets has multiple advantages : no more approximate trades, no more quickly-closed trades, no more losing trades left without stop loss in the hope of returning to break even (zero point), less stress and more opportunities.

A trading algorithm is active 24/7.

Gravity Market, simplified and optimized access to the MT4 platform.

Fast execution and competitive prices from one of the world's leading MT4 suppliers!

Meta Trader 4 is a universal and accessible standard application allowing powerful automation possibilities. Gravity Market, through a recognized optimization by the support of advanced technology, offers you access to an MT4 platform with a unique trading interface. The diversity of operating tools (Windows, Mac, OS, IOS and Android) available through the use of the Metatrader MT4 platform, underlines Gravity Market's ability to inspire modern intelligence through adapted equipment. Thus, Gravity Market's optimized access to the MT4 platform provides efficiency for traders who wish to invest in financial markets (Forex, Index, Stock, Cryptocurrency and Commodities). The analysis of price dynamics of financial instruments, the placement and modification of transactions, the creation and use of automated trading programs are consistent with performance of the tools made available by Gravity Market's at the MT4 platform. This customizable platform allows you, the trader, to create your own working environment and thus be able to adapt it to your trading strategies.

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