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What is Copy-Trading?

Using copy-trading in your investment strategy consists in automatically copying another trader's activity. You will automate your trading strategy by replicating the positions of one (or more) trader(s) on your trading account. 

What are the advantages of Copy-Trading?

Copy trading has 3 main advantages:

  • The first advantage of copy trading is that it does not require any knowledge of trading. Indeed, it is the trader you will be following who does all the work by analyzing and placing all the positions.
  • The second advantage, which is also very interesting, is that it will save you time. Discretionary (manual) trading requires little time but copy trading is a passive investment.
  • The third advantage is that it is entirely possible to combine copy trading with discretionary or other types of trading in order not to depend solely on the performance of the copied trader.


What is a trading robot?

trading robot (also called "Expert Advisor") is a software dedicated to the practice of trading.

It is a tool for automatically placing orders, based on precise strategies.

Programmed to follow an investor's instructions or strategy, a trading robot is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and constantly analyzes the signals coming from the financial markets. The most commonly used trading robots are MetaTrader expert advisors.

The strategies, on which Gravity Market's trading robots are based, are developed by Traders/Asset Managers who have extensive experience and a proven track record in developing trading strategies.

If you wish to develop your trading strategy, the Gravity Market team is available to help you realize it. For any further information, please contact Gravity Market at


AM-GM : The solution proposed by Gravity Market

The solution offered by Gravity Market is an AM-GM (Asset Management Gravity Market) account. This type of account allows you to deposit funds directly made available to a trader certified by Gravity Market. Usually, this professional trader trades his personal money in addition to the money made available by his clients, who all receive a percentage of the gains (or losses) realized by the trader, in proportion to the amount invested by them.

More simply, an AM-GM account is therefore a main account constituted by the accumulation of various sub-accounts of investors.

For example : if you invest up to 3% of the total capital of the AM-GM account, you will receive 3% of the trader's earnings (minus the management fee explicitly stipulated in the description of the AM-GM account chosen).

In practice, this results in the following operation:
Total account capital: $100,000
Your investment : 3000$
P&L of the trader : 10 000$
Management fee: 10%.
Your gross earnings : 300$ – 10% = 270$

What are the different stages of this process?

  • First, open a Live account at Gravity Market and credit it,
  • Send an email formulating your request, containing the amount you wish to invest, specifying of course the robot or copy trading you wish to copy,

Important : This mail serves as a legal commitment from yourself.

  • This amount is withdrawn from your initial Gravity Market account and is reinvested in the trading robot or copy trading account,
  • Once the funds have been deposited, you will receive an email containing an investor password allowing you to consult in real time the positions taken by the trader or the robot as well as your P&L (Profit and Loss).
  • In addition, an e-mail will be sent regularly containing a detailed report of the positions taken as well as the current P&L.
  • Regarding the withdrawal of your money, periods will be defined during which you will be able to withdraw your funds (provided of course that no position is open). Your requests will also be processed when there are no open positions in the market.


Please note that Gravity Market does not wish to encourage you to opt for these solutions. You remain free and solely responsible for your choices and investments. These solutions are simply additional options if you do not have time to trade or if you wish to diversify your investments.


Calamar Bleu


Calamar Bleu is ranked 5th best analyst on WTI and US30 on TradingView, which give you a preview of his capacities!


Dan Cretu, an engineer by training and passionate about trading but also the creator of the Telegram channel " Calamar Bleu Trading Group ", becomes a partner of Gravity Market.

With his mathematical background and market experience, Dan has established himself as one of TradingView's most followed analysts on WTI and Dow Jones under the pseudonym Blue Squid.

From its mathematical rigour stems both its analysis, more technically oriented than fundamental, leading to a strategy varying between intraday and short-term swing, and money management based on solid risk models.

Its forecasts are largely based on trend analysis tools and share price.


"For all those who don't have the time to take the signals I share on the networks, I propose to do it for you thanks to Gravity Market! »  Dan Cretu


Creator of Calamar Bleu




Commission fees : Superior Account, please find all our commissions here.

Management fees : 6% of earnings