MT4 Guide

This content is an ingenious guide to the installation of MT4 via the Gravity Market gate and its use.

To do so, three steps are required :

1) The opening of an account : It is necessary to take advantage of the options announced by Gravity Market on the MT4 platform. Please proceed to open an account with Gravity Market.

2) Downloading MT4 : Download the MT4 application that is compatible with your device and log in with your Gravity Market account.

3) The opening of a position : Here is a breakdown of the opening of a new position: first click on "tool" then click on "new order" or press the F9 key on your keyboard.

Here is the meaning of each element present in this window :

• Type : Choose the type of order you wish to place from the following four options: "buy limit", "sell limit", "buy stop" or "sell stop".
• Price : Choose the execution limit of your order. Note that some orders will be executed at the market price, even if the chosen limit is not reached.
• Expiration : You can set a date and time for your order to expire if the price does not reach the chosen level.

Monitor and close your positions and deferred orders

You can monitor your orders and open positions by opening a "Terminal". To do so, you must click on Ctrl + T, or go to "View" in the toolbar and then "Terminal frame". Then you click on the "Trading" tab. You can close a position or delete a deferred order by clicking on the "x" in the "Profit" column.

Changing stops and limits on positions

To change the stops and limits on open positions and deferred orders, you open the "Terminal" from the previous step, right-click on the position or deferred order you wish to modify and select "Change or cancel order" to return to the order window. You can make the necessary changes and then click on the red "Edit" button to confirm your changes.

Set a price alert

To create a price alert, open the "Terminal", then go to the "Alerts" tab. Right click inside the window and select "Create" from the menu. A window will appear where you can customize your alert.

View transaction history

To view the transaction history, open the "Terminal", then go to the "Account History" tab. You can change the timeframe by right-clicking inside the window and choose one of the following options :
• All history
• Last 3 months
• Last months
• Period selection 

By choosing the last option you can select your own timeframe.