Trading Indicators & Signals

The private trader is usually alone. Alone in front of his screens, he can choose between two ways of trading.

The first way is to observe the markets and his knowledge of technical analysis to look for trading opportunities "in real time". This is known as discretionary trading.

The second way is to develop a sequence of repetitive operations, a process, which uses indicators. In the 1970s and 80s, there was talk of using a method. This method can be implemented manually or automated. When the whole process is automated, it is program-trading or robot trading. Whatever the terms, the important thing for a private trader is to know why to automate certain parts of the process and keep manually other parts.

Many private traders have developed computerized tools such as personal indicators. No matter how you choose to do it, every strategy uses indicators. Many try to automate a complete process but keep manually sending orders to the market after receiving automatic signals

Gravity Market offers its clients (retail, non-retail, communities...) the possibility to create or use customized indicators and trading signals developed by our traders.

The indicators

One of the most widely used approaches to markets is technical analysis. Based on the repetition of price evolution phenomena, it consists of complex and promising discretionary tools that are nevertheless difficult to computerize, as well as tools called indicators that are made up of mathematical formulas. These indicators are, for many, the basis of traders' decisions. They use them to exploit market situations and create their strategies because the indicators measure the speed and quality of price movement.

Indicators can give contradictory signals and each one has a specific utility. There are two main groups of indicators: trend indicators and oscillators.

• Trend indicators are useful for entering a trend, finding the support of resistance, and setting targets.

• Oscillators are useful for locating turning points

Gravity Market offers you to automate the use of current indicators (Moving Averages, RSI, Bollinger Bands...), but also to create (design, coding, testing, installation) your own indicator. This indicator creation is the first step in an automation process.

A customized indicator

First, we put our traders in contact with the client in order to understand the context of the operations they wish to engage in. We work with the client to formulate a precise document (detailed report), validated by the client and us. Our customer support is constantly present to accompany this relationship, answer any questions and enable any changes to be made.

The indicator then enters the design/implementation/testing phase by our team. Once it has been computerized, it is then tested financially on all types of markets to which we offer access (Forex, indices, raw materials, etc.) and on different "timeframe" to observe whether the indicator complies with the conditions imposed by clients. Finally, it is sent directly to clients by e-mail or available for download on the site. The customer is accompanied by our staff in the use of this new tool.

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The Signals

Signals are market opportunities detected by customer screeners or by Gravity Market screeners.

A screener will therefore scan all markets in real time, sort and classify them according to process criteria.

When signals appear, they are sent directly, according to the modalities chosen by the client (email, sms, directly in the platform, ...).

Let us take a simple example: you want to know which currency pairs have an RSI of less than 20 in a 5-minute time unit. Thanks to the screener, you will receive this information directly by email. This powerful solution is effective for semi-automatic trading.

Create your own trading signals and send them to all your clients directly through Gravity Market.

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Create customized indicators

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Trading signals

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Create Customized Trading Signals

Gravity Market allows you to create trading signals that are automatically sent to your community.