Presentation of the MT4 platform


With over 14 years of experience and millions of customers worldwide, MT4 is the most popular trading platform. The features demonstrate how it has thrived from the test of time and that it will continue to deliver an optimal trading experience. As such, MT4 represents a universal and accessible standard application with powerful automation possibilities. Gravity Market's proven optimization and the support of advanced technology gives you access to MT4 platform with a unique trading interface.

Gravity Market's ability to make available an optimized allocation to the MT4 platform, gives traders wishing to invest in the financial markets (Forex, indexes, raw materials, and cryptocurrencies) multiple uses to the actions. Thus, the analysis of price dynamics, financial instruments, placement and modification of transactions, creation and use of automated trading programs benefit from the performance of the tools made available by Gravity Market's access to the MT4 platform. The customization of the MT4 platform generates the possibility for traders to create a successful working environment and the ability to adapt it to their trading strategies. Windows users will be able to take advantage of our customized Gravity Market MT4 platform which integrates our exclusive professional tools. For Mac users, you can also download the platform by following the procedure explained by clicking here. Gravity Market offers Metatrader 4 and Metaquotes as they proved their usefulness for providing the best conditions for access to financial markets. Gravity Market, a work of piercing simplicity, grants you a quick procedure for connecting to the MT4 platform. Simply connect your Gravity Market account to trade directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Thus, Windows computer owners will be able to benefit from our customized Gravity Market MT4 platform in which integrates our exclusive professional tools.


The advantages of our customized platform

  • Experience a demo account with 0 risk and then go step by step into the real market.
  • Choose 24/7 support from experts for reducing risk and providing advice.
  • Have access to training and follow-up according to your level.
  • Take advantage of graphical indicators and updates of the latest market news for a better control of your actions.
  • Choose support in transparency of fees, funds and commission policy from a reliable company.
  • Choose our live servers to trade online or offline quickly.
  • Take advantage of our One click trading option to buy or sell CFDs with just one click.
  • Use the micro-unit option to trade with minimal risk.
  • Take advantage of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to buy and sell your shares securely.
  • Use the hedging option to compensate for asset losses.
  • Take advantage of our additional indicators for more control over the market and your shares.
  • Take advantage of our indicators and trading algorithms developed by our team of experts who possess trading experience more than 5 years in leading banks.
  • Customize your charts according to your needs for a good monitoring of your actions in the market.
  • Stay always connected to our servers available 99% of the time and avoid any additional costs.


Having an account at Gravity Market also means benefiting from a top-quality service

• You can create automated trading machines that will analyze prices and place orders automatically, saving you from spending time every day on the same things.

• Ultra-fast order execution speed: About 94% of trades are executed in 30 milliseconds or less.

• Benefit from 24/7 support.

Download the platform

You can download the platform by clicking on your device's operating system below: