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Waldata & Gravity Market:
Couplez les meilleures solutions d’analyse de marché à l’outil de passage d’ordre le plus performant 

TradeDcoder is a real-time trading platform developed by Waldata. It is aimed at any investor and trader with decision support solutions through efficient methods and professional strategies that have proven themselves. TradeDcoder's functionality ensures that its users have the same longevity in the markets as its exclusive methods developed over more than 30 years.

Gravity Market s’associe avec TradeDcoder afin d’offrir à ses clients la meilleure expérience de trading possible. Ce partenariat permet en effet d’allier, via TradeDcoder, des analyses de marché et une aide à la décision parmi les plus performantes, avec un service de passage d’ordre performant, efficace et à moindre frais. Les clients de TradeDcoder peuvent donc trader en passant par Gravity Market, ce qui leur permet une expérience de trading optimale de l’observation du marché jusqu’au passage de l’ordre.

TradeDcoder's vision is to continue to develop innovative and exclusive solutions that are always at the forefront of progress in order to provide you with access to ever more efficient tools.

TradeDcoder therefore offers you access to an accessible platform with a new trading interface and numerous decision aids for your daily trading. 

Advantages of the TradeDcoder platform

  • Choose support and assistance by phone from 9am to 5pm.
  • Have access to training and follow-up according to your level.
  • Choose Gravity Market for its support, its transparency of fees, funds and commission policy. 
  • Take advantage of graphical indicators and updates of the latest market news for a better control of your actions.
  • 10 ready-to-use methods.
  • All AT market situations are covered.
  • All the most popular technical indicators and chartist tools.
  • More than 20 tutorial videos.
  • Real-time flows.
  • Creation of your personal value lists.
  • Your workspace backed up and available wherever you are.
  • Experience a demo account with 0 risk and then go step by step into the real market.
  • Choose our live servers to trade online or offline quickly.
  • Use the micro-unit option to trade with minimal risk.
  • Take advantage of our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to buy and sell your shares securely.
  • Use the hedging option to compensate for asset losses.
  • Take advantage of our additional indicators for more control over the market and your shares.
  • Take advantage of our indicators and trading algorithms developed by our team of experts who possess trading experience more than 5 years in leading banks.
  • Customize your charts according to your needs for a good monitoring of your actions in the market.
  • Always stay connected to our regularly updated servers to ensure optimal security.

Get the platform

The TradeDcoder platform is compatible on all Operating System and is ideal for finding your work wherever you are.

Please find more information and download the platform directly from the TradeDcoder website:

10 ready-to-use methods

Get access to methods that detect and decode situations conducive to trading

Available on all interfaces

TradeDcoder is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Mac OS

Live Trading on TradeDcoder platform

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