Why Gravity Market?

About Gravity Market

Gravity Market, a company located in Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines, has a vision of creating an easy access to trading by investors. Its vision thrives on the development of a proven and widespread experience of a group of professionals and enthusiasts.

Much more than the services offered, Gravity Market commits to satisfy the interests of its clients by offering you personalized tools and considerable analysis which allows you to seize investment opportunities.

Why Gravity Market?

Gravity Market distinguishes itself from others by its optimization of the broker's structural costs. It guarantees the security of operations and account through a structural organization of flows between the bank where the client's funds are deposited and the market where the operations are carried out. Gravity Market, regulated by the SVGFSA (Financial Services Authority Saint Vincent & The Grenadines) is thus a transparent and trustworthy institution on the international scale.

Gravity Market offers its clients professional reliability through its collaboration with a financial entity, TRANSFERWIZE, located in Ireland. The financial entity provides sufficient guarantees at the level of its organisation, its regulations, its controls, and particularly bank control procedures. Our reliability also reflects in the fact that the client's funds are placed in segregated accounts. The regulations in force for this purpose, which are a genuine guarantee of protection of the client's investment, sequester Gravity Market's ability to access them.

Gravity Market's real professionalism is underlined by its submission to AMF supervision and the possession of the "Bloomberg" certification number: LEI 254900IF1TL0UVRRPG17.

Gravity Market, using all its abilities for a better visibility of the movements of your investments, offers you an internal supervision by one of the market leaders through its Liquidity Provider. Thus, Gravity Market's Liquidity Provider, located in London, gives you direct access to the CFD Market. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in London regulates the financial market dimension of the company. This capital flow is a completely clarified, monitored and transparent circuit.
Our partners enable our clients to combine agility, dynamism and performance into their investments.

We pursue to provide the abundance of serenity in your working environment.

Who are we?

Gravity Market assembles a group of homogeneous people who are experienced, and insists the value of professional integrity. Gravity Market presents itself and is composed of a collective brain with appreciable facets in terms of its physical and moral capacities, its artificial intelligence, its technique of apprehension of the financial markets and its mastery adjusted to the temporal evolution of financial prices through the development of tools for performance use. Gravity Market is represented by its CEO, Mr. Marc FLEURY, CEO, who is passionate about the business and who has a double degree in engineering and more than five years of experience as a trader in the largest French banks and a master degree in risk management. Thus, Gravity Market offers legitimate processes embodying original and innovative solutions in optimizing gains and significantly reducing commissions.

Gravity Market, marked by professionalism and transparency, guarantees efficiency, effectiveness and serenity on the financial markets. The customization and automation of the tools made available by Gravity Market are a distinctive feature.

Gravity Market is the result of a visionary process.

Meta Trader 4 platform

The Metatrader 4 platform is a recognized trading platform in the world of financial market investors.

Gravity Market offers its professional and individual clients a high quality of service through access to an enhanced MT4 platform, combined with strategies and indicators implemented by traders. Gravity Market's ability to make available an optimized allocation to the MT4 platform, gives traders wishing to invest in the financial markets (Forex, indexes, commodities and cryptocurrencies) multiple uses to the actions. Thus, the analysis of price dynamics, financial instruments, placement and modification of transactions, creation and use of automated trading programs benefit from the performance of the tools made available by Gravity Market's access to the MT4 platform.

The customization of the MT4 platform generates the possibility for traders to create a successful working environment and the ability to adapt it to their trading strategies.


The Gravity Market Academy promotes continuous learning which adapts to various levels of knowledge. We offer you a key to improving performance on the reading of financial flows whether you are novice or expert, through the service of an academy which transports authentic information. Equanimity is thus at the top of the pyramid when faced with the apprehension of people who do not know Gravity Market. The Gravity Market Academy is made up of competent professionals, whose pedagogy emphasizes simplicity in the handover of concrete knowledge. Thus, Gravity Market shed light on the shadowy areas encompassing your understanding and enables you to act with better knowledge of the financial markets.

Our Services

Regardless of the account held by users, Gravity Market pioneers the benefit of a support and of the efficiency of the tools, that allow each investor to use the platform in the best conditions.

Gravity Market offers its clients real support by making it possible of individual consultation with a sales manager who gives a professional guide on taking positions on the financial markets. With a view to achieving outstanding performance, we display the use of an advantageous demonstration account to our clients for familiarizing the platform. It allows a trialing phase of investment strategies. Gravity Market provides its investors accurate analysis, the latest trading signals, and indicators in real time. As a precursor of modern strategy, Gravity Market enable clients to invest their money on algorithmic strategies combining several investors' assets.

Algorithmic strategies are developed by Gravity Market for their clients and can be diversified and adapted to their needs.

The pooling of capital is in the interest of investors to bear the weight of a large investment (i.e. the investment provision requiring a significant contribution). Algorithmic trading, a true stress reducer, offers a day and night functionality, executes an order in the speed unmatchable by man without exceeding a defined maximum loss.

Hoping to make your trading experience always better,

The Gravity Market team

Security of funds

Our clients' funds are deposited in internationally recognized institutions:
Segregated account : Transfer Wise regulated by the FCA.
London-based Liquidity Provider : regulated by the FCA


Gravity Market is regulated by the SVGFSA