Account Types

The needs of the customers are always a priority of Gravity Market. Therefore, various types of investment account are provided for them.

The Demo account

The demo account is available to all beginners who wish to know more about the markets in practice without investing money.

The customer, with a demo account that has 50 000 EUR of virtual money, has the same advantages as the user of a Pro account and can therefore try all the functionality and tools:

• 24/7 trading on open markets
• Real-time quotations
• Access to news and accurate analyses on our MT4 platform
• Access to indicators, signals and algo trading on our MT4 platform

The Standard Account

The standard account is designed for those who wish to trade while benefiting from the many advantages offered by Gravity Market :

• Free registration fee
• Support available 24 hours a day
• 24/7 trading on open markets
• Quick deposit and withdrawal
• Leverage up to 1:100
• Raw spread from 0 point
• Unit from 0.01
• Access to indicators, signals and algo trading on our MT4 platform (Computer and Mobile)
• Real-time quotations
• Access to the Academy, Standard Analyses and Newsletters
• Execution of orders in less than 30ms

Since 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has been imposing restrictions on leverage for retail investors in order to protect and enhance investors’ performance.

The Superior Account

The Superior Account is for traders who want to go further and trade more actively. The Superior Account has all the benefits of the standard account, with lower commissions starting at $2.50 USD.

Pro Account 


The Pro account is designed for experienced traders who trade actively. The Pro account has all the benefits of the standard account with additional advantages :

• Lower commissions starting from 1 USD
• Higher leverage up to 1:200
• Access to Pro analysis


In order to access a Pro account at Gravity Market, you must be able to attest to one of the following conditions :

• You have a portfolio exceeding EUR 50,000
• You have AMF certification
• You have worked more than 2 years in the financial markets

As a matter of fact, Gravity Market must ensure that individual clients have the knowledge and experience necessary to invest in the products offered. We believe that professional clients have the experience and skills necessary to invest in the products.

The Corporate & Institutional account


The Corporate & Institutional account allows private companies and institutional clients to benefit from the many advantages of the Pro account.


In order to access a Corporate & Institutional account at Gravity Market, you must be able to certify that you belong to one of the following categories :

• Regulated Institutions
• Banks or brokerage firms
• Professional Investors
• Entities engaged in equity trading
• Private investment vehicles or asset managers
• Hedge funds or other regulated funds
• Portfolio managers
• Business Contributors

The services

The support

For all types of account, you benefit from a support which allows you to use our platform in the best conditions and with the best tools. For example, you will be able to request an individual consultation with a sales manager who will be able to guide you in your activities.

The analyses

For all types of account, you benefit from access to the academy with precise analyses from a specific application. You also have access to the latest real-time trading signals and indicators as well as trading algorithms.


The PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) allows you to pool your assets with those of other investors and invest them under the management of a professional trader or an algorithmic strategy. It allows you to make your money grow passively. Algorithmic strategies are developed by Gravity Markets for their clients and can be diversified and adapted to their needs (from a low risk strategy to an aggressive strategy for example). Pooling your capital with that of other investors allows you to access investments that require a significant minimum investment.

At Gravity Market, our strategies are 100% automated and proposed by professional traders and state-of-the-art algorithms.

The summary of the types of account and their advantages in one picture

¹ In a trade, you place one order to buy an asset and a second order to sell it.

² USOIL and UKOIL are considered as index CFDs and their fees are those of an index.

Gravity Market Policy

Opening an account

If you wish to open an account with Gravity Market, please read and validate the following conditions and documents :

• Up-to-date identity document
• Proof of residence for less than the latest 3 months
• An email that can be associated with a single account.
• Statement on trading risks
• General terms and conditions
• Legal Notice

For more information, please see our Order Execution Policy, our Policy on Conflict of Interest and our Information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, we are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Depositing money to the account

To deposit money at Gravity Markets, please take note of the following information :

• The client may deposit funds into his trading account by credit/debit card or by bank transfer from an account under his name. Gravity Market does not accept payments from third parties and reserves the right to cancel the payment and any profits made, close open positions and close the trading account.

• Gravity Market reserves the right to request proof of ownership of the funding account.

• Clients' funds are held by Gravity Market's Liquidity Provider based in London.

• Only fees of which Gravity Market are aware can be subject to coverage by us. Other costs such as those of your bank or other intermediary are the responsibility of the client.

• Gravity Market is not responsible for any losses incurred by the client in the automatic or forced liquidation of positions, for delays in processing deposits and for payments made to cover margin requirements.

• The customer is solely responsible for covering any reverse payment and/or chargeback fees. Gravity Market may deduct chargebacks from the customer's account(s) or future deposits made to the customer's trading account at its own discretion.

• Gravity Market can only receive funds in EUR despite that the MT4 trading account is in USD.

• As the MT4 Trading Account is in USD, the liquidity provider will deduct its foreign exchange fee from the deposit amount before depositing it to the Trading Account.

Withdrawing money from the account

To withdraw money from Gravity Markets, please take note of the following information :

• To comply with the rules and regulations, Gravity Market will only agree the withdrawals made to the same account that was used to deposit the funds. The customer may request that the funds be sent to a different account which must be under the same name. Gravity Market reserves the right to refuse this request without any reason. The customer may be required to provide additional information and documents. Gravity Market cannot deposit funds to third parties according to the regulations in force.

• Withdrawal requests are treated Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

• The minimum withdrawal is EUR 100.

• As the account is in USD, the liquidity provider will deduct its exchange rate charges from the withdrawal amount before depositing it to the designated segregated bank account in EUR. A transfer is then made by Gravity Market from your segregated account to the account indicated at the time of the withdrawal request.

• International bank transfers are subject to a 10 EUR fee.

• The client may be asked to provide information and/or documents on the source(s) of funds and/or the source of wealth in general when processing a withdrawal request.

• Gravity Market reserves the right to refuse to process a withdrawal request when a client does not provide all the required information, and/or that doing so may lead to violations of the legislation about money laundering and terrorism.

Inactivity fees

As a result of prolonged inactivity, fees may be deducted from your account. As a matter of fact, Gravity Market is regulated by organizations that impose a fight against money laundering.
For that reason, after 3 months of inactivity, the account will be debited with 25 EUR per month until the client resumes activity. Accounts whose capital reaches 0 EUR are closed by Gravity Market.

Ultra-fast order execution speed

Approximately 94% of trades are executed in 30 milliseconds or less.

Zero Raw spread

Our clients' spreads are the market's spreads.

No fees on fund deposits

For the trust our customers place in Gravity Market, the deposit fee is zero.