How it work ?

1. Become An IB

Register and submit all the required documents to get immediate access to your IB portal.

2. Start Introducing Clients

When you have acces in your portal, you can send your affiliate Link

3. Generate Income

Grow your network and earn from every trade executed by the clients you introduce.

No limit

Fully Automated Income

Enjoy unlimited revenue earning potential and track funds as they automatically get transferred to your wallet.  

Customized Promotions

Account representatives will work alongside you to build unique promotions so you can attract more clients.  

Tiered IB Program

A sophisticated, 8 level sub-IB program allows for tiered introductions of a large network of clients.

Join our IB program !

Benefit from a highly experienced team who will help you to convert your network

Enjoy your well-deserved income via different withdrawal options

Simple forms and funding methods let your clients focus on trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! Our IB progam is suitable for anyone with an interest in the financial markets. We welcome professional traders, instructors, newbies or simply people who are well connected – we have a solution for everyone.

Gravity Market is unique because we offer a very generous multi-level, automated commission structure that allows you to choose how you get paid. In addition to this, we support you with any other support you may need to grow your network in the most efficient way possible.

The process is very straightforward. You can apply for our IB program in a few easy steps. Click « here«  to fill in the simple application form and start generating an income simply by introducing clients. As long as your account is verified, you can benefit from your clients trading as soon as they get started.

Your IB personal portal will be the main port of call for you to manage your Introducing Broker portfolio. Once logged in you’ll be able to benefit from a wide range of reporting options to monitor the progress you are making and the rebates you are generating.

IB is an abbreviation for Introducing Broker. It can be used to describe an individual or a company that introduces traders to Gravity Market.

No, there are no setup or joining fees when applying for the Advanced Market’s partnership program.

Every link provided to each IB, is a unique link dedicated only to them. These links are used to track each client referred by each IB. Note, whenever a client signs up under a specific IB it must be done via their dedicated link in order for Advanced Markets to be able to track and allocate the commissions generated.

You can review the list of your referrals in the
IB section in your portal.

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