About Gravity Market

Made up of passionate professionals, Gravity Market aims to offer the best online brokerage service on the market, at the best price, keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities.
We want Gravity Market to represent for you an intuitive and efficient working environment that meets all your expectations.
This requirement leads us to offer you, in addition to this privileged access to the markets, powerful trading algorithms and analysis tools specifically developed for your needs, allowing you to seize countless opportunities on the financial markets.
Our expertise is provided both by our parent company based in St. Vincent and our European headquarters in the heart of Dublin, enabling us to work with the largest European institutions.


Why Gravity Market?

The real difference between Gravity Market and other brokers is the structure of its operation. As a No Dealing Desk broker, Gravity Market does not have any conflict of interest towards its clients (unlike the Dealing Desk brokers who are « market makers » by nature). Client orders are immediately transmitted to the market and you can be confident that no market manipulation is possible on our part as Gravity Market is not a market maker. (learn more)

Our institutional broker structure allows us to have direct access to the market, without any intermediary thanks to our OMS (Order Management System) located in London, giving us direct access to the CFD markets.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates our OMS and its entire market finance dimension.

The SVGFSA (Financial Services Authority Saint Vincent & The Grenadines) also regulates the activities of Gravity Market, a guarantee of transparency and trust between the company, its clients and its international partners.

Moreover, our high standards always push us to exceed our objectives, which is why we are proud to hold the world’s highest accreditation in finance, namely the Bloomberg accreditation N° LEI 254900IF1TL0UVRRPG17 / N°LEI: 254900782LU1EIDKFH72

Finally, we provide all our clients with the creation of segregated registered accounts for their fund deposits, in recognised financial institutions such as TransferWise or Barclay’s, located in Europe and also regulated by the FCA.

A segregated account is the undeniable assurance that your money deposited at Gravity Market is and will remain YOUR money. Indeed, a segregated account is an account where only you are able to access or give access to the funds in this account. Thus Gravity Market will not have the authorization from the bank to move any money without your written, dated and signed agreement.


Project Info

  • Client +5000
  • Location Dublin, Ireland
  • Creation date 3 June 2020
  • Company capital 1 000 000€
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We are a transparent broker, no dealing desk. Your trade directly on the market